Dallas's Full Interview

Dallas Folse

February 7, 2012

Larose, Louisiana

*Interview questions, videography, and photography all done by middle school students from Cut Off  and Larose, Louisiana.*

What’s your name?

My name is Dallas Folse.

Where do you live?

I live in Cut Off, Louisiana.

How do you think the oil spill will affect you and your family in five years?

In five years my dad will hopefully get another job.  He, well he was recently fired because of the fishing business and his company had to help out with the oil spill, so I hope he will get a new job and we could live a better life.

What are ways you can move forward in life?

Well, by talking to my friends and talking a lot about what happened and how they affected and how was I affected, so we can really discuss it and we can get over it.

How do you think the environment was affected?

The environment was very affected because we have a lot of sea creatures and a lot of animals that live by the sea, so they were oiled, so if the oil got into their skin or into their lungs then they would immediately die, but some of them were saved by getting oil washed off. 

Where were you when the oil spill happened?

I was on the beach.  My dad and I heard the alarm to get out of the water.  we saw red and black stuff in the water, so we hurried up, got into the car.  We turned on the news and heard there had been an explosion on an oil rig.  Eleven people had died, and we were really sad about that.

How do you think the oil spill was in Alaska compared to Louisiana?

Well, Louisiana has a wider span of jobs, so in Alaska all they have is pretty much fishing, and if you weren’t fishing, you knew someone that was fishing, but in Louisiana we have a wider span of jobs and we’re ready to get over it.

Thank you Dallas.

And thank you also to all of the Larose Cut Off Middle School student photographers, tech crew, prop personnel, and interviewers that worked together to create this and other interviews!