Jazmen Gisclair and Kyle Williams

Jazmen Gisclair (age 10 at oil spill)

Kyle Williams (age 12 at oil spill)

South Lafourche High School, Galliano, Louisiana

"It threatened a lot of people’s livelihoods because literally about half, literally almost everybody in some way makes their living from trawling, crabbing, or producing or harvesting oysters or working the oil field, which was also shut down for a long time after the spill, so that was pretty bad for our community." - Kyle

"I talked about it a lot at school.  But at school all we talked about was the negative that came out of it.  And really there was no positives, but they just kept making us say, this is a bad thing, it’s, everything, like, it’s their fault.  And it was, like I said, there was no really good things about it at all, but school did not help it because all the teachers would be negative about it and make you be more scared and more worried than what we should have been." - Jazmen

Jazmen and Kyle's Full Interview