More Celebrate the Gulf Drawings

Dozens of kids added their drawings to the project on March 31st at the Celebrate the Gulf Festival in Pass Christian, Mississippi.  The youngest  -- barely walking  -- were just happy to play with crayons and markers.  The pre-school age kids were prompted to draw what they love the most about the Gulf, the ocean, the beach.  Elementary and Middle School age kids were asked to remember back to the oil spill and draw what they hoped to see or do in the Gulf as it recovered from the oil spill. Many thanks to all the kids who contributed their drawings to the project and made our table cloth AWESOME!, all the relatives and friends who waited patiently for the artists to finish their work, and the folks at Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve for letting Children of the Spills be a part of this event.

Half the drawings are below.  The rest can be seen here.

"The sea animals are happy!!" - Alana

"Rainbow fish" - Trey

"I flying on the boat" - Anne Marie

- Morgan

"I am fishing in the clean water after the oil spill." - Ariel

- Aislin

"A dolphin is jumping out of the water." - Marina

" I like to adventure under water, because I like turtles." - Hope

"Sun, Jellyfish, Clean Water" - Kali

"The sun was going down." - Gracie Lou

"The dolphin is diving for the fish." - Leigha

"Swimming" - Ashlyn

"I want to see fish -- fish, dolphins, flounders" - Constance

"I want to see dolphins" - Constance (again)

"No animal harming things or oil guarenteed" - Cyrus

"Sun and happyness:" - Cera

 "There's seashells, all kinds of color, the sun is shiny, the sky is shiny, the ocean is shiny and blue, the shark's body is black." - Sarah

"The ocean has still had fish." - Bella

"I cannot live in oily water." - Carina

"Before: Before the oil spill, every thing was perfect. 

After: After the oil spill, every thing was terrible.

I wish it would go away and all the animals would be ok." - Ethan