Curriculum and Resources

Children of the Spills developed a number of different lesson plans, presentations, and activities about oil spills for use with students of all ages as well as adults.  

Each program was slightly different, but often covered the science of oil spills, our connection to oil, what we have learned from past oil spills, and first-hand accounts of how the Exxon Valdez and BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spills affected kids, families, and communities.

Below you will find links to generalized "Children of the Spills" lesson plans for elementary and middle/high school ages and a small set of activities.  Please contact us if you are looking for oil spill curricula -- we are more than happy to create a curriculum for you!  Also, the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council and Prince William Sound Science Center both have more detailed oil spill science curricula available.  We have found that sharing interviews or drawings from Children of the Spills can be a compelling complement to the oil spill science.  We hope to develop a more complete curriculum over the winter and will make it available at that time.  Please contact us with suggestions or comments.

Lesson Plans (designed for use in areas affected by oil spills)

Basic Elementary Oil Spill Lesson

Basic Middle/High School Oil Spill Lesson

Activities (designed for any coastal area and could be adjusted for any community)

Drawing Activity (Target Age: Elementary)

City Council Meeting (Target Age: Middle/High School)

Mapping (Target Age: Middle/High School)