Kandi Dardar, Pointe-au-Chien, Louisiana, Born 1997

I think it brought up a new problem that we was already facin’, mainly with the erosion, and it messed up the way we were supposed to go out and catch what we need to make a profit. So it was bad.  Tragic, because, like, we were going to be missin’ out on catching that we could be making, but it’s destroying the vegetation that the wetlands are already losing, so it’s like, bad.

It’s slowly goin’ back to what it was before. It’s not a great impact. It was bad, but they’re tryin’ to move on and get back. That’s one good thing. Don’t give up, that’s one thing. Rely on what they give you, ‘cause it will work, not a lot, but it’s going to be gettin’ there. And, that’s all I have.

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