Children of the Spills wouldn't be a reality without the generous and amazing support of many people and organizations.  So thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way!  Since the beginning, I have found encouragement and support from a diverse array of people throughout the United States and even beyond. You know who you are, and I hope you know just how important every piece of advice, every loaned book, every smile has been.

I'd especially like to thank those organizations that made the substantial in-kind or monetary contributions that allowed the project to get off the ground and sustained it through many months:

And I am forever grateful to the individuals and families that have graciously donated to the project, including:

  • Benjamin Gibson
  • Bob Shavelson and Miranda Weiss
  • Chris and Pat Moss
  • Deb Lowney and Ralph Brosches
  • Erika Gavenus
  • Francie Roberts
  • Gary and Suzanne Gavenus
  • Paul Mackie and Tracy Asselin
  • Ilene Baskette with Boat House Buddies

Thanks also to Switgard Deusterloh & Stephen Bodnar, Kristin & Danny Carpenter, Julie & Phil Koppel-Maldonado, Kris Peterson & Dick Krajeski, and Kara Johnson who all provided a cozy (and free!) home-base during my travels.  And of course my parents, Paul Gavenus and Ginny Espenshade who allowed me to come home and set up shop. 

Finally, a most heartfelt thank you to the actual "Children of the Spills" (and their families!) that contributed their stories, artwork, ideas, and dreams for the future that created the fabric of the project.  It has been an honor to meet and talk with all of you. You ARE the project!

Would you like to be a Children of the Spills supporter?  Every little bit helps, whether it is a word of encouragement, piece of advice, in-kind donation of supplies or expertise, or monetary contribution! Perhaps you even have your own story to tell.  Whatever you're thinking, don't hesitate to contact us.